ED 360 Methods of Teaching Science: Middle School

3 credits, Fall

Includes an in-depth study of the philosophy, resources, curriculum, instructional strategies and assessment practices necessary to design a learning environment focused on the developmental characteristics of young adolescents. The course emphasizes state and national science standards, science process skills and the major concepts of life, earth, physical and environmental sciences. Candidates engage in constructivist teaching methods including: collaboration, 5 E cycle, investigation, inquiry, discovery and project-based learning. The importance of creating and maintaining a safe and supportive science classroom is addressed. Appropriate use of technology and instrumentation to enhance learning is identified. Strategies to make reading in the science classroom purposeful are investigated. Assessment of science processes and content lead candidates to explore a variety of assessment strategies appropriate to the diverse needs of young adolescent learners. Candidates observe, participate and teach in school classrooms one day per week (ED 305F).

Restricted: Year 3 Middle School Education majors

Prerequisite(s): None