Information Systems

Brown School of Business and Leadership

Department of Information Systems

Department Chair: Alan D. Carswell, Ph.D.

The Department of Information Systems (IS) is dedicated to preparing students for a career as well-rounded technology professionals, able to competently perform career-specific IT tasks in the workplace. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in application, systems, network, and database technologies followed by an in-depth, career-path focus. Graduates will enter the workforce immediately prepared to assume essential duties as productive IT professionals. In addition to mastering technology skills, students will be effective communicators, well-versed in research and analysis, business issues related to IT, business writing, critical thinking, and problem solving.

The IS department is committed to continuous and rigorous curriculum review to ensure that our students are educated in the leading technologies of the day.

The information systems faculty members enthusiastically serve as career mentors and work to create a nurturing environment that enables students to discover their talents and interests through experiential learning. We believe that our diverse curriculum prepares students with the ability to take on new challenges and embrace new technology innovations.