Psychology Program Requirements

The courses listed below are required for completion of the bachelor's degree in psychology. Students must also complete the requirements for the Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE).

Specific pre- and co-requisites for each course are listed in the course descriptions.

Major Requirements:

MATH 136

Introduction to Statistics

PSY 101

Introduction to Psychology

PSY 105

Professional Issues in Psychology

PSY 108

Human Growth and Development

PSY 201

Writing in Psychology

PSY 205

Career Development I

PSY 215


PSY 216

Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents

PSY 230

Counseling Skills

PSY 260

Behavioral Approaches to Change

PSY 261

Biological Psychology

PSY 262

Social Psychology

PSY 270

Research Methods and Data Analysis I

PSY 305

Career Development II

PSY 340

Advanced Counseling Skills

PSY 341

Counseling Theories

PSY 343

Research Methods and Data Analysis II

PSY 380

Tests and Measurement

PSY 405

Career Development III

PSY 450


PSY 470

Advanced Research Methods

Three credits of psychology electives from among the following:

PSY 326

Special Topics in Cognitive Psychology

PSY 327

Special Topics in Developmental Psychology

PSY 328

Special Topics in Personality Psychology

PSY 329

Special Topics in Social Psychology

PSY 350-354

Advanced Topics in Applied Psychology