Public History Program Objectives

Upon graduation from the Stevenson University Public History Program a Public History major will have demonstrated the ability to:
1. Articulate the significance of various historical periods, persons, events, ideas, and themes in history with a special focus on United States history.
2. Analyze historical events, texts, and artifacts using the concepts of context, historical causation, conflict, and change over time.
3. Evaluate the significance of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sex, and religion, as factors in history and in its presentation to the public.
4. Create research-based history products for the public as well as for traditional historians.
5. Locate and evaluate examples of public history projects that faced issues of an ethical, practical, or interdisciplinary nature.
6. Participate in the community of historical practice both within the Stevenson Public History Program and the larger community.
7. Make informed academic and career choices based on self-determined goals.