Visual Communication Design Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design, graduates will be able to:

  1. Solve communication design problems by thinking creatively and critically.
  2. Produce communication design solutions, considering audience, cultural, ethical, human, and market factors.
  3. Create, compose, and critique visual forms as well as verbal and nonverbal messages in response to design problems.
  4. Acquire material and technical skills necessary to realize design solutions according to professional standards and practices.
  5. Apply art history, visual culture, communication, and design research to visual communication practice.
  6. Plan, execute, present, revise, and justify design ideas and solutions independently and as a collaborative team member.
  7. Apply academic preparation to professional and cultural experiences both within and beyond the classroom.
  8. Exhibit behaviors consistent with the professional and ethical standards of the discipline by producing a design portfolio.