374.302 Leadership and Tactical Theory II

2 credits, Offered at JHU

Builds on the first semester’s achievements as students are challenged to study, practice, and apply the fundamentals of Army leadership, officership, Army values and ethics, and small unit tactics at the squad and platoon level. Each student, by the end of the course, will be capable of planning, coordinating, navigating, motivating and leading in the execution of a tactical mission during a classroom practical exercise, a Leadership Lab, or in a field environment. Students are rotated through a variety of leadership positions that support ROTC events throughout the semester. The student will receive detailed and constructive feedback on their leader attributes and core leader competencies based on Army FM 6-22, Army Leadership. Ultimately, prepares students to excel at the four-week Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) at Fort Knox, KY.

Prerequisite(s): Basic Course and 374.301

Corequisite(s): 374.320