Fashion Merchandising Program Requirements

The courses listed below are required for completion of the bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising. Students must also complete the requirements for the Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE).

Specific pre- and co-requisites for each course are listed in the course descriptions.

Major Requirements:

ACC 215

Financial Accounting

ART 110

Fundamentals of Design I

EC 202

Principles of Microeconomics

FDES 200

Introductions to Textiles

FDES 274

History of Fashion

FMER 210

Fashion and Culture

FMER 223

The Business of Fashion

FMER 315

Writing for Fashion

FMER 320

Fashion Retailing

FMER 323

Fashion Product Merchandising

FMER 360

Visual Merchandising

FMER 417

Senior Business Internship


International Marketing

LAW 208

Business Law

MGT 204

Principles of Management

MGT 210

Business Writing

MKT 206

Principles of Marketing

MKT 311

Consumer Behavior

MKT 336

Integrated Marketing Communication