Resident Student Technology Support

Students may use computers, tablets, smartphones, game systems and media devices on the Resident Hall campus network. These devices will be authorized for connection to the Stevenson network. Students are not allowed to connect wireless access points, network switches, gateways, printers, or any other similar devices to the wired or wireless network. Unauthorized devices detected on the network will be black-listed and denied access. Technology problems for student residents can be submitted to Tech Connection via the phone, 443-334-3000 or x3000, through the ticketing system at, or by email to If, after evaluation of the issue, the problem is beyond the scope of support provided, Tech Connection staff will make suggestions on what the student’s next step might be; however, the University will not repair student-owned equipment. The OIT staff will help resolve any software problems if possible; however, the University will not install any software on student-owned equipment. More IT-related information is available on the OIT's website at