374.110-120 Basic Leadership Laboratory I, II

1 credit, Offered at JHU

Exposes students in a laboratory environment to practical experiences, challenges and individual learning opportunities in a small group. Students learn the fundamentals of an organization and apply principles of leadership and management at the foundation level. Students develop military courtesy, organizational discipline, communication and basic leadership and management skills. Ultimately, students understand how to facilitate and lead a small group of four to five people as an integral part of a larger organization of 75-100 people through situational training opportunities in a variety of conditions. As a leadership practicum, students have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions and receive tactical and technical training. In addition to learning to lead groups of five to 100 people, students will also be exposed to training on first aid, operating Army equipment, Army activities such as rappelling and drill and ceremony. These laboratories are required for enrolled ROTC participants who desire to be considered for a commission in the Army.

Co-requisite(s): 374.101-102