Administration of Programs for Children Track Outcomes

Upon completion of the administration of programs for children track, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge about the role of the teacher in creating a stimulating learning environment for young children through effective, developmentally appropriate instructional practices, quality learning experiences and functional room arrangement.
  • Compare and contrast programs within the child welfare system (child protective services, family preservation services, foster care, and adoption).
  • Interpret the impact of the legal system on the various aspects of the child welfare system.
  • Analyze and apply specific strategies for resolving problems and conflicts using effective communication skills.
  • Design vehicles for gaining and managing funds (e.g., budgeting, fund raising, grant proposals, lobbying community development) for programs for young children.
  • Interpret legal issues involved in managing programs for young children.
  • Incorporate strategies to increase the organizational effectiveness of programs for young children (e.g., time management, recruiting, hiring and retaining quality employees, recruiting and managing volunteers, evaluating and supervising staff).