Human Services Administration Track Outcomes

Upon completion of the human services administration track, graduates will be able to:

  • Incorporate strategies to increase the organizational effectiveness of human services organizations (e.g., time management, recruiting, hiring and retaining quality employees, recruiting and managing volunteers, evaluating and supervising staff).
  • Design vehicles for gaining and managing funds (e.g., budgeting, fund raising, grant proposals, lobbying community development) for human services organizations.
  • Interpret legal issues involved in managing human services organizations.
  • Access, evaluate, and analyze information appropriate to business documents related to the administration of human services.
  • Plan and compose accurate, organized, and concise documents in formats and styles appropriate for communication in human services organizations.
  • Describe major organizational behavior theories at the individual, group, and organizational level.
  • Explain cause and effect relationships within a human services organization by applying various organizational behavior theories.
  • Explain and demonstrate the processes involved in the negotiation and mediation of conflicts in human services organizations.
  • Identify and analyze the concepts and practices used in marketing human services organizations.
  • Apply marketing theory and practices to actual situations in human services organizations.
  • Describe the components of human resource management in human services organizations.
  • Analyze human resource management practices in human services organizations.