NURS 455 Case Studies and Problem Oriented Learning

2 credits, Spring

Combines self-directed learning techniques, problem oriented learning, and faculty- guided instruction to aid senior nursing students in achieving success when taking the NCLEX (RN licensing exam). As active participants in learning, students follow a planned, organized, and step-wise course of study which includes, diagnostic testing in an automated format, focused content review and case studies, test-taking strategies, and simulated NCLEX exams. The course is designed to assist students with synthesizing nursing knowledge and to prepare students for the rigorous testing and requirements for obtaining licensure. There is also a particular emphasis on test-taking strategies.

Prerequisite(s): Must meet all progression criteria for fourth-year status in the nursing major as outlined in the University catalog including a grade of "C" or better in NURS 405, NURS 409, NURS 435, and NURS 460