Theatre and Media Performance Program Requirements

The courses listed below are required for completion of the bachelor’s degree in theatre and media performance. Students must also complete the requirements for the Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE).

Specific pre- and co-requisites for each course are listed in the course descriptions.

Major Requirements (all students):

EDCP 100

First Year Experience


Any communication course

IS 124

Introduction to Computer Graphics

THEA 103

Beginning Acting

THEA 115


THEA 116

Script Analysis

THEA 121

Introduction to Theatre

THEA 203

Acting II

THEA 204

Improvisational Theatre

THEA 210

Acting for the Camera

THEA 215-218

Theatre Practicum (choose 3 of 4 different courses)

THEA 215

Theatre Practicum: Set Design and Construction

THEA 216

Theatre Practicum: Scene Painting and Props

THEA 217

Theatre Practicum: Stage Lighting and Sound

THEA 218

Theatre Practicum: Costuming

THEA 224

Play Production

THEA 240

Theatre History I

THEA 241

Theatre History II

THEA 270

Voice for the Actor

THEA 275

Theatre Movement

THEA 301

Acting III

THEA 310

Acting for the Camera II ~

THEA 318

Theatre Internship

THEA 320

Performing Shakespeare

THEA 335


THEA 370

Advanced Voice for the Actor

THEA 375

Advanced Movement ~

THEA 410

Design and Collaboration ~

THEA 430

Business of Acting

THEA 452

Senior Project

~Course under development