Film and Moving Image Program Description

The department of film/video educates its students to be adaptable lifelong artists, craftspeople, and learners who are capable of maintaining focus, resilience, self-control, and motivation through both success and failure. Graduates must be able to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape while developing and maintaining an original and personal aesthetic vision and be able to effectively communicate this vision to others. The department focuses on teaching a wide array of equipment and software to complement its commitment to teaching film and moving image history and technique.

Graduates of the department emerge as flexible and capable practitioners of filmmaking - be it on film, digital media, or the next emerging format - who can work both alone as self-starters or collaboratively in groups, and be directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, editors, motion graphics artists, some combination of all of these or a specialist of their own design.

In their final year, film and moving image students demonstrate the skills acquired in their chosen area of expertise by creating a capstone project and by developing a portfolio of work for distribution in a variety of current media outlets.