FIVTH 450 Senior Project: Production

3 credits, Spring (This course will be offered for the last time in Spring 2016)

Guides students through the production and completion of their final Senior Film/Video Project, in order for them to fulfill the graduation requirements of the Department of Film/Video and the Film/Video/Theatre major. Continuing where they left off in FIVTH 410, students, working closely with the instructor (individually or in groups), will develop, in the first two weeks of the course, a plan of action for the semester. The plan of action will include frequent due dates, that will allow them to finish their projects on time. The project can be a script, documentary, narrative, experimental film, or video. In some cases, students will finish a feature-length screenplay begun in FIVTH 410. This work is expected to incorporate the philosophical, aesthetic, and technical elements of film and video production learned throughout the program.

Prerequisite(s): A grade of "C" or better in FIVTH 410