Biology/Chemistry/Mathematics BS/MAT - Master of Arts in Teaching

Applied mathematics, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and environmental science majors may pursue the BS/MAT option. Students who wish to pursue this degree program can earn a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or environmental science and a masters of art in teaching degree with certification in secondary biology, chemistry, or mathematics with a STEM focus. Students apply for admission to this program during the fall of their junior year, or as soon as they have completed the requirements for admission listed below. If admitted, students begin taking graduate-level courses in the semester after they are admitted. In order to be admitted to this BS/MAT option, the student must have:

A cumulative GPA and science and math GPA of 3.00 or better in all work attempted.

Earned a grade of "C" or better in all science and mathematics classes.

Completed at least 60 credit hours.

Completed Calculus II and three additional math courses (Applied Mathematics majors)

Completed Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 211 and 211L) and be enrolled in a 300-level science course (Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry majors)

Completed Environmental Science (ENV 275) and be enrolled in a 300-level science course (Environmental Science majors)

Submitted a completed BS/MAT Request for Permission to Enroll, including three letters of recommendation prior to October 1 or March 1.

Submitted a Graduate School Application by February 15 of the 4th year of the program.

Additional information can be found in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog.