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Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy
Academic Calendar 2015-2016
Traditional Undergraduate Programs
Fall Semester 2015
Winterim 2016
Spring Semester 2016
Summer Session 2016
Academic Calendar 2016-2017
Fall Semester 2016
Winterim 2017
Spring Semester 2017
Summer Session 2017
President’s Letter
The Stevenson Approach
Academic Coursework
The Career Architecture Process
Applied and Experiential Learning
Stevenson Ideals
Diversity Statement
History of Stevenson University
Founding of Villa Julie College
Baccalaureate Degrees Granted for the First Time
Changes Through the 1990s
New President Inaugurated
Villa Julie Expands to Owings Mills Campus
Academic Programs Continue to Grow
Athletic Teams Achieve Success
University Status and Name Change
Stevenson University
Life at Stevenson
Student Life
Athletics at SU
Caves Sports and Wellness Center, Owings Mills Gymnasium, Mustang Stadium, and Fitness Facilities
Intercollegiate Athletics
Club Sports
Clubs and Organizations
Student Government Association
Student Clubs and Organizations
Community Outreach and Service
Educational Services to the Community
Community Service Opportunities for Students
Cultural Activities
Honor Societies
Alpha Chi – National College Honor Society
Alpha Phi Sigma – Criminal Justice Honor Society
Alpha Psi Omega – National Honorary Theatre Society
Beta Beta Beta – National Biological Honor Society
Delta Epsilon Iota - Academic Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Epsilon - National Chemistry Honor Society
Kappa Delta Pi – International Education Honor Society
Kappa Mu Epsilon – National Mathematics Honor Society
Lambda Epsilon Chi – National Honor Society for the Paralegal Studies Program
Lambda Pi Eta – Honor Society of the National Communication Association
Psi Chi – The International Honor Society in Psychology
Sigma Beta Delta – International Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration
Sigma Tau Delta – International English Honor Society
Sigma Theta Tau International – Honor Society of Nursing
Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society
Tau Upsilon Alpha – National Honor Society for Human Services
Upsilon Pi Epsilon - International Honor Society for Computing and Information Disciplines
Student Publications
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Programs at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland
Campus Resources and Services
Campus Technology
Computer Logins
Remote Connectivity
Resident Student Technology Support
Technology Helpdesk
Usage of Campus Computers
Francis X. Pugh Courtroom
Dining Services
Career Services and Experiential Learning
Library Services
University Stores
The Wellness Center
Student Health Services
Counseling Services
Academic Support
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
General Admissions Information
Admissions Procedures and Processes
Traditional Freshmen Students
Adults Entering as Freshman Students
Traditional Transfer Students
Transfer of Credit
Credit By Exam
Advanced Placement
CLEP Examinations
International Baccalaureate
Acceptance and Deposit
Merit-Based Scholarships
Military Financial Benefits
Military Service Members
Yellow Ribbon Program
International Student Information
U.S. Permanent Residents
International Students
Admissions Requirements for International Students
Accelerated Transfer and Graduate Students
Additional Enrollment Options
Part-Time Students (Undergraduate)
Non-Degree Students (Undergraduate)
Students Applying to Adult Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Students
Admission to the BS/MS Option for Current Stevenson University Undergraduates
Biology/Chemistry/Mathematics – BS/MAT - Master of Arts in Teaching
Business and Technology Management, Communication Studies, Forensic Studies, or Healthcare Management – BS/MS
Forensic Sciences - BS/MS
Early Enrollment
Parallel Enrollment
Placement Testing in Mathematics, Reading, and English
Placement Information in Developmental Courses
Placement Testing for Transfer Students
Placement in Foreign Language Courses
Reinstatement and Readmission
Financial Information
Tuition and Fees (2015–2016)
Full-time Students (students enrolled in 12 to 18 credits per semester)
Part-time Students (students enrolled in less than 12 credits per semester)
Miscellaneous Charges
Annual Housing Charges and Deposits
Refund Policy
Financing Options
Financial Aid
Stevenson University Scholarship and Grant Programs
Stevenson University Endowed Scholarship Funds
Stevenson University Annual Scholarship Funds
Federal Financial Aid Programs
Maryland State Programs
Veterans’ Benefits
Maryland National Guard Benefits
Post 9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program
Qualifying for Need-Based Aid
Need-Based Aid Application Procedure
Student Eligibility Requirements
Awarding of Aid
Cost of Attendance and the Expected Family Contribution
Disbursement of Awards
Book Vouchers
Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling
Financial Aid Verification
Using Federal Financial Aid to Pay for Repeating a Course
Continued Eligibility
Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Return of Title IV Funds Policy
Consumer and General Information
Academic Information
SEE: The Stevenson Educational Experience
The SEE Student Learning Goals and Outcomes
University Degree Requirements
Bachelor’s Degrees
Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree
The Stevenson Educational Experience Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees
Second Bachelor’s Degrees
BS/MS Degree Options
Master’s Degrees
Additional Learning Opportunities
Study Abroad
Courses at Another Institution
Baltimore Student Exchange Program
Other Institutions
Academic Standing and Grading Information
Calculation of Class Level
Grading Scale and Grading System
Grade Point Average
Auditing Courses
Course Withdrawal
Pass/No Credit Option
Repeating Courses
Academic Probation
Academic Suspension
Grade Appeals
Transcript Requests
Registration and Course Information
Course Load
Non-Credit Courses
Course Add/Drop
Athletic Department Class Conflict Information
Final Examinations
Leave of Absence
Withdrawal from the University
FERPA: Notice to Students
Academic Integrity
Graduation Information
Graduation Application
Graduation Ceremonies
Graduation with Academic Honors
Academic Awards
Academic Achievement List
Dean’s List
Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges
University Awards for Graduating Seniors
Dean’s Award for Exceptional Scholarship
Marion and Henry J. Knott Achievement Award
Elizabeth McWethy Award
John Mitchell Award
Outstanding Part-Time Student Award
President’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement
Dorothy Stang Award
SU Pin Award
Orsia F. Young Leadership Award
Brown School of Business and Leadership Awards
Accounting Departmental Awards
Legal Studies Departmental Awards
School of Design Awards
Film and Moving Image Department Awards
Visual Communication Design Department Awards
School of Education Awards
School of Health Professions Awards
Medical Laboratory Science Awards
Medical Laboratory Science Awards
School of Humanities and Social Science Awards
Human Services Professional Development Award
School of the Sciences Awards
Biological Sciences Departmental Awards
Chemistry Departmental Awards
Mathematics and Physics Departmental Awards
Fields of Study
Accounting Program Description
Accounting Program Objectives
Accounting Program Policies
Accounting Program Requirements
Accounting Other Options
Accounting Course Descriptions
ACC 140 Financial Accounting
ACC 141 Managerial Accounting
ACC 201 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 202 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 215 Survey of Accounting
ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting III
ACC 302 Advanced Accounting
ACC 303 Cost and Managerial Accounting
ACC 304 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
ACC 311 Computer Applications in Accounting
ACC 401 Auditing and Attestation
ACC 405 International Accounting
ACC 411 Tax Accounting: Individual
ACC 412 Tax Accounting: Corporation and Partnership
ACC 415 Capstone in Accounting: Business Policy
ACC 417 Accounting Internship
Anthropology Course Descriptions
ANTH 201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 301 Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 325 Folklore in Modern American Life
ANTH 360 Anthropology of Childhood
ANTH 365 Culture Area Studies
Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics Program Description
Applied Mathematics Program Objectives
Applied Mathematics Program Policies
Applied Mathematics Program Requirements
Applied Mathematics Other Options
Applied Mathematics Course Descriptions
MATH 132 Mathematics for Teachers
MATH 133 Intro to Mathematical Reasoning, Part I
MATH 134 Intro to Mathematical Reasoning, Part II
MATH 135 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
MATH 136 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 137 College Algebra
MATH 147 Precalculus
MATH 201 The Nature of Mathematics
MATH 218 Geometry
MATH 220 Calculus I
MATH 221 Calculus II
MATH 222 Calculus III
MATH 301 Mathematical Structures
MATH 312 Mathematical Statistics I
MATH 313 Mathematical Statistics II
MATH 321 Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH 326 Linear Algebra
MATH 230 Discrete Structures
MATH 345 Actuarial Exam Review
MATH 365 Independent Research
MATH 418 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 420 Actuarial Mathematics
MATH 450 Senior Research Capstone
MATH 455 Senior Internship Capstone
MATH 460 Senior Research Capstone
MATH 460H Honors Senior Research Capstone
MATH 465 Senior Internship Capstone
MATH 465H Honors Senior Internship Capstone
MATH 490 Special Topics in Applied Mathematics
Biochemistry Program Description
Biochemistry Program Objectives
Biochemistry Program Policies
Biochemistry Program Requirements
Biochemistry Other Options
Biochemistry Course Descriptions
BIOCH 327 Biochemistry
BIOCH 345L Integrative Laboratory I
BIOCH 362 Independent Research Experience in Biochemistry
BIOCH 365 Independent Laboratory Research in Biochemistry
BIOCH 427 Advanced Biochemistry
BIOCH 450 Senior Research Capstone
BIOCH 455 Senior Internship Capstone
BIOCH 460 Senior Research Capstone
BIOCH 460H Honors Senior Research Capstone
BIOCH 465 Senior Internship Capstone
BIOCH 465H Honors Senior Internship Capstone
Biology Program Description
Biology Program Objectives
Biology Program Policies
Biology Program Requirements
Biology Other Options
Biology Course Descriptions
BIO 104 The Human Body and Contemporary Health Issues
BIO 113 General Biology I: Cell Biology and Genetics
BIO 113L General Biology I Laboratory: Cell Biology and Genetics
BIO 114 General Biology II: Structure and Function of Organisms
BIO 114L General Biology II Laboratory: Structure and Function of Organisms
BIO 115 General Biology III: Ecology and Evolution
BIO 115L General Biology III Laboratory: Ecology and Evolution
BIO 130 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 203 Microbiology
BIO 210 Botany
BIO 211 Genetics and Society
BIO 217 Principles of Biochemistry
BIO 222 Human Anatomy
BIO 230 Genetics
BIO 235L Diversity of Life
BIO 240 Nutrition
BIO 255 Techniques in Molecular Biology
BIO 265 Independent Laboratory Research in Biology
BIO 310 Cell Biology
BIO 312 Developmental Biology
BIO 313 Virology
BIO 314 Parasitology
BIO 320 Pathogenic Microbiology
BIO 322 Human Physiology
BIO 326 Animal Physiology
BIO 330 Molecular Genetics
BIO 335 Immunology
BIO 362 Independent Research Experience in Biology
BIO 365 Independent Laboratory Research in Biology
BIO 440 Seminar Topics in Biology
BIO 450 Senior Research Capstone
BIO 455 Senior Internship Capstone
BIO 460 Senior Research Capstone
BIO 460H Honors Senior Research Capstone
BIO 465 Senior Internship Capstone
BIO 465H Honors Senior Internship Capstone
Biotechnology Program Description
Biotechnology Other Options
Biotechnology Course Descriptions
BT 201 Introduction to Biotechnology
BT 205 Biosafety and Quality Assurance
BT 255 Techniques in Molecular Biology
BT 430 Bioinformatics
BT 465 Senior Internship Capstone
BT 465H Honors Senior Internship Capstone
Business Administration
Business Administration Program Description
Business Administration Program Objectives
Entrepreneurship Track Description
Entrepreneurship Track Objectives
Sport Management Track Description
Sport Management Track Objectives
Business Administration Program Policies
Business Administration Program Requirements
Business Administration Other Options
Business Administration Course Descriptions
International Business Courses
INBUS 201 Survey of International Business
INBUS 315/MGT 315 International Business Management
INBUS 325/MKT 325 International Marketing
INBUS 416/FIN 416 International Finance
INBUS 420/MGT 420 International Operations Management
INBUS 430/EC 430 International Economics
INBUS 470/LAW 470 International Business Law
Management Courses
MGT 204 Principles of Management
MGT 210 Business Writing
MGT 224 Principles of Entrepreneurship
MGT 235 Introduction to Sport Management
MGT 308 Business Ethics
MGT 310 Organizational Behavior
MGT 312 Analysis of the Managerial Environment
MGT 313 Operations Management
MGT 315/INBUS 315 International Business Management
MGT 324 Entrepreneurial Business Planning
MGT 330 Introduction to Public Administration
MGT 335 Management of Sport Enterprises
MGT 340 Organizational Leadership
MGT 408 Human Resource Management
MGT 413 Project Management
MGT 417 Senior Business Internship
MGT 420/INBUS 420 International Operations Management
MGT 424 Entrepreneurial Development
MGT 430 Business Capstone Seminar
MGT 440 Leadership and Service Learning
Marketing Courses
MKT 206 Principles of Marketing
MKT 210 Strategic Marketing Communication
MKT 307 Market Research
MKT 311 Consumer Behavior
MKT 315 Sports Marketing
MKT 316 Principles of Negotiation and Sales
MKT 325/INBUS 325 International Marketing
MKT 330 Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs
MKT 336 Integrated Marketing Communication
MKT 410 Strategic Marketing Cases
MKT 417 Senior Business Internship
Business and Leadership
SBL 100 School of Business New Student Seminar
Business Communication
Business Communication Program Description
Business Communication Program Objectives
Business Communication Program Policies
Business Communication Program Requirements
Business Communication Other Options
Business Communication Course Descriptions
CM 101 Public Speaking
CM 115 Interpersonal Communication
CM 211 Intercultural Communication
CM 253/ENG 253 Journalism I
CM 254/ENG 254 Journalism II
CM 255 Small Group Communication
CM 260 Business and Professional Communication
CM 265 Event Planning and Publicity
CM 270 New Media Communication
CM 275 Principles and Practices of Public Relations
CM 290 Business Communication Internship Prep
CM 300 Advanced Public Speaking
CM 303/ENG 303 Feature Writing
CM 304/ENG 304 Magazine Writing and Publishing
CM 305/ENG 305 Journalism Practicum
CM 310 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
CM 314/ENG 314 Public Relations Writing
CM 350 Junior Internship
CM 323 Writing for the Web
CM 380 The Advertising Campaign
CM 390 Organizational Communication
CM 401 Senior Internship
CM 402 Special Topics in Communication
Chemistry Program Description
Chemistry Program Objectives
Chemistry Program Policies
Chemistry Program Requirements
Chemistry Other Options
Chemistry Course Descriptions
CHEM 110 Foundations of General, Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 110L Foundations of General, Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 111 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 115 General Chemistry I
CHEM 115L General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 115H Honors General Chemistry I
CHEM 115HL Honors General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 115S General Chemistry I SoLVE
CHEM 116 General Chemistry II
CHEM 116L General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 116H Honors General Chemistry II
CHEM 116HL Honors General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 116S General Chemistry II SoLVE
CHEM 203 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 203L Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 213 Electronic Literature Searching
CHEM 221 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 304 Third Year Chemistry Seminar
CHEM 310 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 330 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 340 Medicinal and Drug Chemistry
CHEM 346L Integrative Laboratory II
CHEM 347L Integrative Laboratory III
CHEM 362 Independent Laboratory Research in Chemistry
CHEM 365 Independent Laboratory Research in Chemistry
CHEM 410 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 430 Physical Chemistry
CHEM 431 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics
CHEM 432 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics
CHEM 450 Senior Research Capstone
CHEM 455 Senior Internship Capstone
CHEM 460 Senior Research Capstone
CHEM 460H Honors Senior Research Capstone
CHEM 465 Senior Internship Capstone
CHEM 465H Honors Senior Internship Capstone
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Program Description
Criminal Justice Program Objectives
Criminal Justice Program Policies
Criminal Justice Program Requirements
Criminal Justice Other Options
Criminal Justice Course Descriptions
CJUS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJUS 210 Writing for Criminal Justice
CJUS 220 Criminal Law and Procedure
CJUS 265 The Juvenile Justice System
CJUS 275 Corrections
CJUS 280 Law Enforcement
CJUS 285 Criminology
CJUS 305 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CJUS 310 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CJUS 325 Civil Liability in Criminal Justice
CJUS 335 White Collar Crime
CJUS 345 Victimology
CJUS 350 Special Topics
CJUS 355 Race and Crime
CJUS 375 Probation and Parole
CJUS 380 American Courts and the Criminal Justice System
CJUS 381 Justice, Media, and Crime
CJUS 382 Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis
CJUS 383 Law Enforcement and the Community
CJUS 385 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJUS 390 Domestic Security
CJUS 417 Internship
CJUS 420 Study Abroad Internship
CJUS 430 Law Enforcement Administration and Management
Developmental Studies
Developmental Course Descriptions
DEVM 105# General College Mathematics
DEVR 106# College Reading and Learning Strategies
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Program Description
Digital Marketing Program Objectives
Digital Marketing Program Policies
Digital Marketing Program Requirements
Digital Marketing Other Options
Digital Marketing Course Descriptions
Economics Course Descriptions
EC 110 Economics of Public Issues
EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 321/FIN 321 Money and Banking
EC 335 Health Economics
EC 340 Economics of Sports
EC 345 Economics of Gender
EC 430/INBUS 430 International Economics
EC 440 Environmental Economics
EC 450 Urban Economics
Early Childhood Education: Liberal Arts and Technology
Early Childhood Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Description
Early Childhood Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Objectives
Early Childhood Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Policies
Early Childhood Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Requirements
Early Childhood Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Other Options
Elementary Education: Liberal Arts and Technology
Elementary Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Description
Elementary Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Objectives
Elementary Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Policies
Elementary Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Requirements
Elementary Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Other Options
Middle School Education: Liberal Arts and Technology
Middle School Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Description
Middle School Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Objectives
Middle School Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Policies
Middle School Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Program Requirements
English Language Arts and Social Studies Area of Concentration
Mathematics and Science Area of Concentration
Middle School Education: Liberal Arts and Technology Other Options
Education Course Descriptions
ED 108 Learning Experiences for Young Children
ED 208 Learning Experiences for Young Children
ED 230 Processes and Acquisition of Reading
ED 266 Reading in the Content Areas I: Middle School
ED 270 Curriculum Principles and Practices
ED 271 Principles of Assessment
ED 272 Principles of Special Education
ED 302 Year Three Seminar I
ED 303 Year Three Seminar II
ED 310 Year Three Transfer Seminar
ED 318 Methods of Teaching Mathematics: Early Childhood Education
ED 319 Methods of Teaching Science: Early Childhood
ED 321 Methods of Teaching Mathematics: Elementary Education
ED 331 Instruction of Reading
ED 341 Methods for Teaching Social Studies: Elementary
ED 342 Methods of Teaching STEM: Elementary
ED 343 Integrated Methods of Teaching: Early Childhood
ED 360 Methods of Teaching Science: Middle School
ED 361 Methods of Teaching Mathematics: Middle School
ED 362 Methods of Teaching English Language Arts: Middle School
ED 363 Methods of Teaching Social Studies: Middle School
ED 365 Materials for Teaching Reading
ED 367 Reading in the Content Areas II: Middle School
ED 410 Assessment for Reading Instruction
ED 435 Internship Seminar I
ED 436 Internship Seminar II
ED 440 Internship I: Early Childhood
ED 441 Internship II: Early Childhood
ED 442 Internship I: Elementary
ED 443 Internship II: Elementary
ED 444 Internship I: Middle School
ED 445 Internship II: Middle School
English Language and Literature
English Language and Literature Program Description
English Language and Literature Program Objectives
English Language and Literature Program Policies
English Language and Literature Program Requirements
English Language and Literature Other Options
English Course Descriptions
ENG 148 Introduction to Composition
ENG 151 Composition & Writing from Sources
ENG 152 Writing About Literature
ENG 222 Writing and Education
ENG 224 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 230 Critical Approaches to Literature I
ENG 231 English: Forms and Functions
ENG 240 Historical Perspectives
ENG 253/CM 253 Journalism I
ENG 254/CM 254 Journalism II
ENG 256 Introduction to Digital Publishing
ENG 281 Topics in Literature
ENG 282 Literary Genres: Youth Literature
ENG 286 Literary Genres: The Short Story
ENG 287 Literary Genres: Poetry
ENG 288/THEA 288 Literary Genres: Drama
ENG 289 Literary Genres: The Novel
ENG 303/CM 303 Feature Writing
ENG 304/CM 304 Magazine Writing and Publishing
ENG 305/CM 305 Journalism Practicum
ENG 314/CM 314 Public Relations Writing
ENG 324 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
ENG 325 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG 326 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 331 Design Your Career
ENG 332 Critical Approaches to Literature II
ENG 334 Advanced Non-Fiction Workshop
ENG 335 Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENG 336 Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENG 340 Period Studies
ENG 381 Themes in Literature
ENG 385 Literary Genres: Special Topics
ENG 401 Major Author
ENG 402 Major Work
ENG 403 Creative Writing Capstone
ENG 404 Professional Writing Capstone
ENG 420 English Capstone: Internship
Environmental Science
Environmental Science Program Description
Environmental Science Program Objectives
Environmental Science Program Policies
Environmental Science Program Requirements
Environmental Science Other Options
Environmental Science Course Descriptions
ENV 165 Science of the Chesapeake Bay
ENV 213 Ecology
ENV 255 Techniques in Environmental Science
ENV 260 Forest Ecology and Management
ENV 265 Independent Laboratory Research in Environmental Science
ENV 270 Animal Behavior
ENV 275 Environmental Science
ENV 280 Environmental Soil Science
ENV 280 Environmental Soil Science
ENV 307 Marine Biology
ENV 310 Aquatic Ecology
ENV 315 Evolution and Phylogenetics
ENV 320 Environmental Science Field Studies
ENV 330 Conservation Biology
ENV 340 Landscape Ecology
ENV 360 Wildlife Ecology and Management
ENV 362 Independent Research Experience in Environmental Science
ENV 365 Independent Research in Environmental Science
ENV 375 Environmental Ethics
ENV 410 The Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem
ENV 420 Restoration Ecology
ENV 430 Ecosystem Delineation and Mitigation
ENV 450 Senior Research Capstone
ENV 455 Senior Research Capstone
ENV 460 Senior Research Capstone
ENV 460H Honors Senior Research Capstone
ENV 465 Senior Internship Capstone
ENV 465H Honors Senior Internship Capstone
Fashion Design
Fashion Design Program Description
Fashion Design Program Objectives
Fashion Design Program Policies
Fashion Design Program Requirements
Fashion Design Other Options
Fashion Design Course Descriptions
FDES 100 First-Year Fashion Design Seminar
FDES 101 Garment Construction Techniques
FDES 200 Introduction to Textiles
FDES 201 Fashion Design I
FDES 202 Fashion Design II
FDES 203 Garment Construction Studio
FDES 205 Computer-Aided Pattern Design I
FDES 210 Fashion Illustration I
FDES 274 History of Fashion
FDES 280 Fashion Design Study Abroad
FDES 301 Fashion Design III
FDES 302 Fashion Illustration II
FDES 303 Fashion Design IV
FDES 305 Computer-Aided Pattern Design II
FDES/FMER 315 Writing for Fashion
FDES 401 Fashion Design V: Senior Studio I
FDES 403 Fashion Design VI: Senior Studio II
FDES 404 Fashion Design VII: Product Development
FDES 417 Fashion Design Internship
Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Merchandising Program Description
Fashion Merchandising Program Objectives
Fashion Merchandising Program Policies
Fashion Merchandising Program Requirements
Fashion Merchandising Other Options
Fashion Merchandising Course Descriptions
FMER 210 Fashion and Culture
FMER 223 The Business of Fashion
FMER 320 Fashion Retailing
FMER 315 Writing for Fashion
FMER 323 Fashion Product Merchandising
FMER 360 Visual Merchandising
FMER 417 Senior Business Internship
Film and Moving Image
Film and Moving Image Program Description
Film and Moving Image Program Objectives
Cinematography Track Description
Cinematography Track Outcomes
Editing Track Description
Editing Track Outcomes
Producing Track Description
Producing Track Outcomes
Writing Track Description
Writing Track Outcomes
Film and Moving Image Program Policies
Film and Moving Image Program Requirements
Film and Moving Image Other Options
Film and Moving Image Course Descriptions
FMI 101 Cinema I: Storytelling
FMI 102 Cinema II: Continuity
FMI 103 Introduction to 16 mm Film Production
FMI 201 Cinematography I: Black & White
FMI 202 Cinematography II: Color
FMI 204 Broadcast Production
FMI 211 Basic Screenwriting
FMI 221 Art and Craft of Editing I
FMI 222 Art and Craft of Editing II
FMI 231 Film and Moving Image History
FMI 301 Documentary/Promo Production
FMI 302 Narrative Production
FMI 303 Lighting for the Camera
FMI 304 Directing the Actor
FMI 305 Production Design
FMI 306 Experimental Cinema
FMI 311 Advanced Screenwriting
FMI 313 Script Analysis
FMI 331 Major Directors/Movements
FMI 334 Film Aesthetics
FMI 351 Internship
FMI 352 Grant Writing
FMI 353 Budgeting & Scheduling Films
FMI 354 Production Management
FMI 355 The Business of Filmmaking
FMI 401 Senior Project: Pre-Production
FMI 402 Senior Project: Production
FMI 411 Feature Film Writing
FMI 241 Sound and Sound Design
FMI 451 Film Distribution and Intellectual Property
Film, Video, & Theatre Courses
FIVTH 400 Arts Management for Film, Theatre and Video
FIVTH 402 Special Topic
FIVTH 410 Senior Project: Pre-Production
FIVTH 450 Senior Project: Production
Finance Course Descriptions
FIN 300 Principles of Finance
FIN 321/EC 321 Money & Banking
FIN 402 Foundations of Finance
FIN 416 International Finance
FIN 417 Finance Internship
FIN 420 Market Analysis for Investments
FIN 435 Cases in Corporate Finance
FIN 450 Business Valuation and Security Analysis
Forensic Sciences
Forensic Sciences Option in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, or Chemistry Program Description
Forensic Sciences Option in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, or Chemistry Application Process
Forensic Sciences Option in Biochemistry Program Requirements
Forensic Sciences Option in Biotechnology Program Requirements
Forensic Sciences Option in Chemistry Program Requirements
Forensic Sciences Other Options
Other Options for Students Interested in Forensic Sciences
Forensic Sciences Course Descriptions
ART 540 Forensic Photography
FSCI 100 Introduction to Forensic Sciences
FSCI 101 Survey of Forensic Science
FSCI 400 Senior Forensic Science Seminar
FSCI 655 Practicum Rotations
Geography Course Descriptions
GEO 110 Physical Geography
GEO 111 World Regional Geography
GEO 112 Human Geography
GEO 310 Understanding Home: The Geography of Baltimore and Maryland
Honors Course Descriptions
HON 100 Introduction to Honors
HON 171 Honors Effective Writing
HON 214F Honors Seminar - Fine Arts
HON 214S Honors Seminar - Social Science
HON 215F Honors Seminar - Fine Arts
HON 215M Honors Seminar - Non-lab Science or Mathematics
HON 216F Honors Seminar - Fine Arts
HON 216H Honors Seminar - Humanities
HON 217M Honors Seminar - Non-lab Science or Mathematics
HON 217S Honors Seminar - Social Sciences
HON 218H Honors Seminar - Humanities
HON 218S Honors Seminar - Social Sciences
HON 219H Honors Seminar - Humanities
HON 219M Honors Seminar - Non-lab Science or Mathematics
Human Services
Human Services Program Description
Human Services Program Objectives
Addictions Counseling Track
Addictions Counseling Track Outcomes
Administration of Programs for Children Track
Administration of Programs for Children Track Outcomes
Human Services Administration Track
Human Services Administration Track Outcomes
Human Services Program Policies
Human Services Program Requirements
Human Services Other Options
Human Services Course Descriptions
HSR 101 Family Studies
HSR 201 Introduction to Human Services
HSR 210 Professional Writing in Human Services
HSR 220 Diversity and Cultural Competence in Human Services
HSR 224 Introduction to Research Methods
HSR 230 Personal and Family Budgeting and Investing
HSR 235 Aging
HSR 250 Topics in Human Services
HSR 270 Addictions
HSR 275 Services for Children and Youth
HSR 215/315/515 Group Process and Practice
HSR 340/540 Administration of Human Services
HSR 260/360 Counseling Strategies for Individuals
HSR 370 Ethics in Addictions Counseling
HSR 371 Assessment and Treatment of Addictions
HSR 380 Internship in Human Services
HSR 430 Family Dynamics and Interventions
HSR 440 Practicum in Human Services
HSR 441 Seminar in Human Services
Information Systems
Business Information Systems
Business Information Systems Program Description
Business Information Systems Program Objectives
E-Commerce Technology Track Description
E-Commerce Technology Track Outcomes
Technology Management Track Description
Technology Management Track Outcomes
Business Information Systems Program Policies
Business Information Systems Program Requirements
Business Information Systems Other Options
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems Program Description
Computer Information Systems Program Outcomes
Computer Forensics Track Description
Computer Forensics Track Outcomes
Network Design Track Description
Network Design Track Outcomes
Software Design Track Description
Software Design Track Outcomes
Computer Information Systems Program Policies
Computer Information Systems Program Requirements
Computer Information Systems Other Options
Information Systems Course Descriptions
IS 135 MS Office Applications
IS 140 Information Systems Architecture and Design
IS 150 Relational Database Design & SQL with MS Access
IS 170 Systems Development with UML
IS 201 Management Information Systems
IS 224 Computer Graphics Practicum
IS 231 Network Technologies
IS 232 TCP and IP Communication Protocols for Windows and UNIX
IS 235 Advanced Windows Server Architecture & Administration
IS 240 Programming Concepts with Visual Basic.Net
IS 241 C# Object Oriented Programming
IS 252 Advanced SQL Query Design with Oracle & SQL Server
IS 260 Presentation Theory and Application
IS 280 Data Management
IS 301 Principles of E-Commerce
IS 302 Integrating Technology and Digital Learning in the Classroom
IS 320 Human-Computer Interaction
IS 331 CISCO TCP and IP Routing
IS 332 High Speed Broadband Networks
IS 335 Wireless LANS and Mobile Communication Systems
IS 343 Web Architecture & Design Technologies
IS 345 Java Programming
IS 348 Advanced Business Applications
IS 349 Service-Oriented Architecture and Dynamic Web Development
IS 350 IS Internship
IS 361 E-Collaboration and Social Networking
IS 380 Information Security for the Organization
IS 385 Management of Business Networks
IS 386 E-Commerce Business Solutions
IS 387 Wireless Technology Solutions for the Office
IS 391 Incident Response and Investigation Methods
IS 392 Information Systems Forensics Internals—Auditing
IS 393 Forensic Evidence Collection Tools and Techniques
IS 431 Exchange Server & Messaging Systems
IS 432 Network Security—Firewalls, IDS, and Counter Measures
IS 443 XML E-Business Applications
IS 444 Wireless Application Development
IS 462 Current Topics in E-Commerce
IS 475 Special Topics in Information Systems
IS 480 Technology Law
IS 481 Project & Knowledge Management
Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Description
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Objectives
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Policies
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements
Interdisciplinary Studies Other Options
Interdisciplinary Studies Course Descriptions
INDSC 260 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
INDSC 310 The Beatles: A Musical and Cultural Event
INDSC 320 Internship
INDSC 350 Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
INDSC 360 Interdisciplinary Research and Writing
INDSC 450 Senior Project: Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies
International Business
Medical Laboratory Science
Medical Laboratory Science Program Description
Medical Laboratory Science Program Objectives
Medical Laboratory Science Program Policies
Medical Laboratory Science Program Requirements
Medical Laboratory Science Other Options
Medical Laboratory Science Course Descriptions
MLS 210 Principles of Laboratory Science
MLS 310 Hematology I
MLS 310L Hematology I Laboratory
MLS 320 Urinalysis and Body Fluids
MLS 320L Urinalysis and Body Fluids Laboratory
MLS 325 Clinical Chemistry I
MLS 335 Clinical Laboratory Management
MLS 338 Molecular and Immunologic Diagnostics
MLS 405 Transfusion Medicine
MLS 410 Hematology II
MLS 420 Clinical Microbiology
MLS 425 Clinical Chemistry II
MLS 430 Professional Research and Writing
MLS 431 Clinical Chemistry Practicum
MLS 432 Clinical Hematology Practicum
MLS 433 Clinical Microbiology Practicum
MLS 434 Clinical Immunohematology Practicum
Military Science
Military Science - Air Force ROTC
Military Science Air Force ROTC Course Descriptions
ARSC 059 Air Force Officer Lab
ARSC 100 The USAF Today I
ARSC 101 The USAF Today II
ARSC 200 The Development of Air Power
ARSC 201 The Development of Air Power II
ARSC 300 Management and Leadership I
ARSC 301 Management and Leadership II
ARSC 400 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society I
ARSC 401 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society II
Military Science - Army ROTC
Military Science Army ROTC Course Descriptions
374.101 Leadership and Management I
374.102 Leadership and Management II
374.110-120 Basic Leadership Laboratory I, II
374.202 Leadership and Teamwork
374.201 Leadership and Communication
374.210 Basic Team Leadership Laboratory
374.220 Intermediate Team Leadership Laboratory
374.301 Leadership and Tactical Theory I
374.302 Leadership and Tactical Theory II
374.307 Leadership in Military History
374.310 Basic Tactical Leadership Laboratory
374.320 Intermediate Tactical Leadership Laboratory
374.401 Adaptive Leadership
374.402 Leadership in a Complex World
374.407 Being a Platoon Leader
374.410-420 Advanced Planning and Decision Making Laboratory I,II
374.501-502 Independent Study
374.505-506 Leadership Internship
Music Course Descriptions
MUS 102 University Singers
MUS 105 Orchestra
MUS 170 Exploring Elements of Music/Hawaiian Ukulele
MUS 201 Introduction to Music in History
MUS 260 Music Technology I
MUS 310 Musical Thought: Sound and Ideas
MUS 290 Band-Concert/Marching/Pep
MUS 291 Band–Not for Credit
Nursing Program Description
RN to BS and Masters Options
Nursing Resource Center
Nursing Department Statement of Purpose
Nursing Program Objectives
Nursing Program Policies for Continuance and Progression in the Major
Clinical Requirements
Nursing Program Requirements
Nursing Other Options
Nursing Course Descriptions
NURS 102 New Student Seminar-Nursing
NURS 110 Computer Technology in Nursing
NURS 200 Dosage Calculations
NURS 310 Introduction to Clinical Nursing
NURS 311 Communication and Cultural Competence in Professional Nursing
NURS 317 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I
NURS 318 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II
NURS 330 Health Assessment
NURS 337 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
NURS 338 Care of the Childbearing Family
NURS 360 Medical/Surgical Nursing I
NURS 365 Independent Research in Nursing
NURS 405 Care of Vulnerable Populations in the Community
NURS 409 Care of Children and Families
NURS 435 Professionalism in Nursing
NURS 437 Introduction to Nursing Research
NURS 440 Leadership Practicum in Contemporary Nursing Practice
NURS 450 Special Topics in Nursing
NURS 455 Case Studies and Problem Oriented Learning
NURS 460 Medical/Surgical Nursing II
NURS 470 Medical/Surgical Nursing III
Physical Education
One-Credit Option
Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Studies Program Description
Paralegal Studies Program Objectives
Paralegal Studies Program Policies
Paralegal Studies Program Requirements
Paralegal Studies Other Options
Pre-Law Option
Paralegal Second Bachelor's Degree
Paralegal Studies Course Descriptions
LAW 102 Introduction to Legal Studies
LAW 112 Torts
LAW 114 Estates and Trusts
LAW 120 Contract Law
LAW 125 Legal Research and Writing I
LAW 130 Business Organizations Law
LAW 204 Constitutional Law
LAW 208 Business Law
LAW 210 Legal Research and Writing II
LAW 215 Criminal Law
LAW 216 Civil Litigation and Pleading
LAW 217 Rules of Evidence
LAW 223 Real Estate Transactions
LAW 225 A Internship: Part I
LAW 225 B Internship: Part II
LAW 256 Domestic Relations
LAW 259 Children and Family Law
LAW 260 Juvenile Justice
LAW 300 Elder Law
LAW 302 LSAT Review
LAW 305 Special Topics in Law
LAW 308 Business Law and Legal Responsibilities I
LAW 309 Business Law and Legal Responsibilities II
LAW 312 Advanced Business Organizations
LAW 315 Advanced Estate Administration
LAW 320 Bankruptcy Law
LAW 322 Criminal Investigation
LAW 325 Employment Law
LAW 330 Advanced Estate Planning
LAW 335 Intellectual Property Law
LAW 340 Income Taxation
LAW 345 Sports Law
LAW 351 Litigation Practice
LAW 352 Law Office Technology
LAW 361 Immigration Law
LAW 365 Health Care Law
LAW 375 Environmental Law
LAW 380 Mediation and Negotiation
LAW 390 Law Clinic
LAW 404 Advanced Constitutional Law
LAW 423 Advanced Real Estate
LAW 450 Administrative and Government Law
LAW 462 Advanced Contract Drafting
LAW 470 International Business Law
LAW 480 Paralegal Capstone
Philosophy Course Descriptions
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 104 Logic
PHIL 215 Ethics
PHIL 220 Applied Philosophy and Community Service
PHIL 260 Aesthetics
PHIL 265 Philosophical Topics
PHIL 370 Philosophical Figures
PHIL 415 Professional Ethics
PHIL 416 Business Ethics
PHIL 420 Philosophy of Education
Physics Program Policies
Physics Other Options
Physics Course Descriptions
PHYS 115 You Are Here: Earth and Space Sciences
PHYS 125 Astronomy
PHYS 210 General Physics I
PHYS 211 General Physics II
PHYS 215 General Physics I with Calculus
PHYS 216 General Physics II with Calculus
Political Science
Political Science Course Description
POSCI 102 American Government: Political Institutions and Procedures
POSCI 205 State & Local Government
Pre-Professional Studies
Psychology Program Description
Psychology Program Objectives
Psychology Program Policies
Psychology Program Requirements
Psychology Other Options
Psychology Course Descriptions
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 105 Professional Issues in Psychology
PSY 108 Human Growth and Development
PSY 201 Writing for Psychology
PSY 205 Career Development I
PSY 206 Child Development
PSY 208 Human Sexuality
PSY 215 Psychopathology
PSY 216 Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents
PSY 221 Infant and Child Socioemotional Development
PSY 230 Basic Counseling Skills
PSY 250-254 Topics in Psychology
PSY 260 Behavioral Approaches to Change
PSY 261 Biological Psychology
PSY 262 Social Psychology
PSY 270 Research Methods and Data Analysis I
PSY 305 Career Development II
PSY 309 Field Placement
PSY 325 Personality Psychology
PSY 326 Special Topics in Cognitive Psychology
PSY 327 Special Topics in Developmental Psychology
PSY 328 Special Topics in Personality Psychology
PSY 329 Special Topics in Social Psychology
PSY 330 Educational Psychology
PSY 340 Advanced Counseling Skills
PSY 341 Counseling Theories
PSY 343 Research Methods and Data Analysis II
PSY 350 Advanced Topics in Applied Psychology
PSY 380 Tests and Measurement
PSY 405 Career Development III
PSY 420 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 450 Internship
PSY 470 Advanced Research Methods
Public History
Public History Program Description
Public History Program Objectives
Public History Program Policies
Public History Program Requirements
Public History Other Options
Public History Course Descriptions
HIST 100 History Forum
HIST 105 World History I
HIST 106 World History II
HIST 109 The United States: Colonial America to 1877
HIST 110 The United States: 1877 to Present
HIST 208 Introduction to Public History
HIST 209 Research and Writing in History
HIST 210 African American History
HIST 211 Topics in History
HIST 220 American History and Community Service
HIST 230 American Women’s History
HIST 238 History of Baltimore
HIST 265 History of the Family
HIST 270 Revolutionary America
HIST 275 The Western Intellectual Tradition
HIST 312 Topics in Public History
HIST 330 Robbers, Radicals, and Reformers: 1877-1920
HIST 331 American Material Culture
HIST 336 The American Civil War
HIST 337 The United States: The Sixties
HIST 339 The United States Since 1970
HIST 350 Independent Study
HIST 410 The Great Historians
HIST 411 Senior Seminar
HIST 450 Public History Internship
Religion Course Descriptions
REL 116 Survey of the New Testament
REL 202 World Religions
REL 225 The Religious Experience of Indigenous People
REL 265 Comparative Thought in Religion
REL 270 Contemporary Religion in the U.S.
REL 275 Topics in Religion
REL 280 Jesus of Nazareth
REL 285 Exploring Western Religions
REL 290 Exploring Eastern Religions
Science Course Descriptions
SCI 100 School of Sciences New Student Seminar
SCI 105 Careers in Healthcare Professions
SCI 215 Writing in the Sciences
SCI 440 Capstone Practicum
Sociology Course Descriptions
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 102 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 203 Sociology of Minority Groups
SOC 206 Sociology of Women
SOC 207 Organizations, Work, and Society
SOC 260 American Popular Culture
SOC 304 Topics in Sociology
Theatre and Media Performance
Theatre and Media Performance Program Description
Theatre and Media Performance Program Objectives
Theatre and Media Performance Program Policies
Theatre and Media Performance Program Requirements
Theatre and Media Performance Other Options
Theatre and Media Performance Course Descriptions
Theatre Courses
THEA 103 Beginning Acting
THEA 115 Stagecraft
THEA 116 Script Analysis
THEA 121 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 203 Acting II
THEA 204 Improvisational Theatre
THEA 210 Acting for the Camera
THEA 215 Theatre Practicum: Set Design and Construction
THEA 216 Theatre Practicum: Scene Painting and Props
THEA 217 Theatre Practicum: Stage Lighting and Sound
THEA 218 Theatre Practicum: Costuming
THEA 224 Play Performance
THEA 240 Theatre History I
THEA 241 Theatre History II
THEA 270 Voice for the Actor
THEA 275 Theatre Movement
THEA 301 Acting III
THEA 310 Acting for the Camera II
THEA 318 Internship
THEA 320 Performing Shakespeare
THEA 335 Directing
THEA 370 Advanced Voice for the Actor
THEA 375 Advanced Movement
THEA 410 Design and Collaboration
THEA 430 Business of Acting
THEA 452 Senior Project: Theatre
Visual Communication Design
Visual Communication Design Program Description
Visual Communication Design Program Objectives
Interactive Design Track
Interactive Design Track Objectives
Motion Graphics Track
Motion Graphics Track Objectives
Photography Track
Photography Track Objectives
Visual Communication Design Policies for Continuance and Progression
Visual Communication Design Program Requirements
Visual Communication Design Other Options
Visual Communication Design Course Descriptions
Art Courses
ART 106 Introduction to Art History
ART 110 Fundamentals of Design I
ART 113 Fundamentals of Design II
ART 116 Drawing I
ART 117 Drawing II
ART 205 Art History Survey Topics
ART 215 Painting I
ART 216 Painting II
ART 217 Figure Drawing
ART 219 Printmaking
ART 241 Creative Development in Young Children
ART 242 Creative Development in Elementary Education
ART 250 Topics in Alternative Fine Art Processes
ART 256 Commercial & Industrial Scriptwriting
ART 305 Topics in Art History
ART 315 Surface Design
ART 351 Special Topics
ART 365 Art Studio: Independent Study
ART 390 Internship I
ART 465 Art Studio: Independent Study
ART 490 Internship II
Interactive Design Courses
IAD 380 Advanced Interactive Studio
IAD 381 Mobile and Responsive Design
IAD 480 Interactive Design Special Topics
Motion Graphics Courses
MOGR 330 Typography in Motion
MOGR 331 Intermediate Motion Graphics
MOGR 431 Advanced Motion Graphics and Effects
MOGR 480 Design Studio Special Topics
Photography Courses
PHOTO 140 Photography
PHOTO 141 Basic Digital Photography
PHOTO 241 Intermediate Digital Photography
PHOTO 242 Fashion and Portrait Photography
PHOTO 250 Alternative Photographic Processes
PHOTO 341 Advanced Studio Photography
PHOTO 342 Documentary and Photojournalism
PHOTO 480 Photo Studio Special Topics
Visual Communication Design Courses
VCD 124 Introduction to Computer Graphics
VCD 125 Fundamentals of Digital Media
VCD 208 Web Design I
VCD 210 Communication Design I
VCD 211 Communication Design II
VCD 230 Typography I
VCD 256 The Moving Image
VCD 270 Introduction to Corporate Communication Design
VCD 308 Web Design II
VCD 310 Communication Design III
VCD 330 Typography ll
VCD 370 The Relationship of Design and Business
VCD 380 Professional Design Studio
VCD 410 Portfolio & Professional Development
VCD 440 Designing for a Target Market
VCD 450 Senior Capstone
VCD 480 Design Studio Special Topics
World Languages (French, Spanish)
World Languages Course Descriptions
French Courses
FR 101 Elementary French I
FR 102 Elementary French II
FR 201 Intermediate French I
FR 202 Intermediate French II
Spanish Courses
SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPN 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
Board of Trustees of Stevenson University
Office of the President
Academic Affairs
Academic Integrity
Academic Support
Career Services
Information Technology
Institutional Research and Assessment
Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
Enrollment Management
Financial Aid
Student Accounts
Financial Affairs
Auxiliary Services
Business Office
Human Resources
University Advancement
Marketing and Digital Communications
Student Affairs
Residence Life
Student Activities
Wellness Center
Schools of the University
Brown School of Business and Leadership
School of Design
School of Education
School of Graduate and Professional Studies
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of the Sciences
President's Advisory Council
Academic Advisory Boards
Biological Sciences Advisory Board
Brown School of Business and Leadership Advisory Board
Center for Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board
Chemistry and Biochemistry Advisory Board
Criminal Justice Program Advisory Board
Fashion Design Program Advisory Board
Forensics Advisory Board
Healthcare Management Program Advisory Board
Human Services Program Advisory Board
Medical Laboratory Science Program Advisory Board
Nursing Program Advisory Board
Paralegal Studies Program Advisory Board
Visual Communication Design Program Advisory Board