Visual Communication Design Program Description

Graphic design, web design, video and digital media were once separate academic and professional areas. Today, these areas of visual communication are integrated. This integration is the focus of Stevenson's visual communication design program.

The Department of Art within the School of Design grants a visual communication design B.S. or B.A. degree. Visual communication design majors begin this course of study practicing observational fine art traditions and techniques and studying art history. This set of experiences provides the foundation for students to further develop and practice conceptual, technical, and professional skills. Upper-level visual communication design courses integrate fine art, design, and technical skills in context and practice. The upper-level student will be able to demonstrate critical thinking and visual literacy across design disciplines. The culmination of this major is the presentation of a creative portfolio with a concentration in at least one visual communication design discipline: digital imaging, motion media, print design, or web design.

Visual communication design majors may take the general visual communication design course of study described above or may select a motion graphics or photography track.

The visual communication design degree program offers courses in both day and evening sessions. Please note that many courses offered by the art department have materials, supplies and/or equipment costs associated with them. These costs vary by discipline and course. Courses that require students to purchase additional materials are indicated in the catalog. Required purchases are outlined in the course syllabus, distributed on the first day of class.

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