First-Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar program continues the orientation process by helping students identify and use specific strategies for academic, personal, and social success while at Stevenson. The program provides students not only with the information and knowledge essential for success in college but also with a forum to address issues and topics of concern to them in their transition from high school to college. The First-Year Seminar serves as a tool to introduce students to the Career ArchitectureSM process that will guide them through their time at Stevenson. Additional topics discussed in First-Year Seminar include strategies for academic success, reviewing University regulations and procedures, clarifying values, and exploring the principles of career development and decision-making. Faculty, administration, staff, and students meet in small groups for discussion and activities. The First-Year Seminar is a requirement for graduation.

Students in the science, math, or nursing majors are required to take SCI 100 which is the seminar in lieu of the First-Year Seminar. The content of this seminar contains much of the same orientation information as in the regular First-Year Seminar yet specifically focuses on career options for science, math, and nursing majors and offers study tips for succeeding in college level science, math, and nursing courses. Students are introduced to the process of Career Architecture and begin to create an academic portfolio. SCI 100 is restricted to freshman students majoring in applied mathematics, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, nursing, and medical technology.

2012-2013 Stevenson University

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