Business Administration Program Requirements

The courses listed below are required for the completion of a degree in business administration. Students must also complete the requirements for the Stevenson core curriculum. Specific pre- and co-requisites for each course are listed in the course descriptions.

Some secondary requirements, which are noted by an asterisk (*) in the list below, can also be used to fulfill a core curriculum requirement.

Major Requirements (all students):

MGT 204

Principles of Management

MGT 210

Business Writing*

MGT 310

Organizational Behavior

MGT 312

Analysis of the Managerial Environment

MGT 313

Operations Management

MGT 430

Business Capstone Seminar

MKT 206

Principles of Marketing

FIN 300

Principles of Finance I

FIN 301

Principles of Finance II

LAW 208

Business Law


Any International Business Course


Five business electives selected from the following subject areas:



Sport management track


E-Commerce track


Entrepreneurship track

Sport Management Track:

All major and secondary requirements and the following electives:

EC 340

Economics of Sports

LAW 345

Sports Law

MGT 235

Introduction to Sport Management

MGT 335

Management of Sport Enterprises

MGT 435

Sport Management and Marketing Seminar

MKT 315

Sports Marketing

E-Commerce Track:

All major and secondary requirements and the following electives:

IS 301

Principles of E-Commerce

IS 320

Human Computer Interaction

IS 361

E-Collaboration and Social Networking

IS 386

E-Commerce Business Solutions

IS 462

Current Topics in E-Commerce

Entrepreneurship Track:

All major and secondary requirements and the following electives:

MGT 224

Principles of Entrepreneurship

IS 301

Principles of E-Commerce

MGT 324

Entrepreneurial Business Planning

MKT 330

Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs

MGT 424

Entrepreneurial Development

Secondary Requirements (all students):

ACC 121

Principles of Accounting I

ACC 122

Principles of Accounting II

EC 201

Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics *

EC 202

Principles of Economics: Microeconomics *

IS 135

Advanced MS Office Applications

IS 201

Management Information Systems



IS 260

Presentation Theory and Application

MATH 210

Statistics & Probability*

PHIL 416

Business Ethics*

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