374.101 Leadership and Management I

2 credits, Offered at JHU

Introduces basic leadership and management concepts, theories and principles of decision making for application to any professional environment. This course is recommended for those who have leadership aspirations or are currently in student leadership positions. This course is intended to provide a foundation for those desiring to establish and improve their personal leadership philosophy. It establishes a baseline understanding of the US Army’s leadership and management principles. This course is taught through a series of lectures and small group discussions. Students are required to conduct research in the areas of leadership and management and present their findings in an oral presentation or written report to their small group. In addition to learning the foundations of leadership, students will learn about the corporate and non-corporate aspects and operations of the US Army, time management, ethics, values, mission statements and goal setting.

Co-requisite(s): 374.110 for ROTC students; none for non-ROTC students.