New Student Orientation and Registration

Orientation facilitates a student’s transition to life at Stevenson, and these activities provide information about the academic, social, extracurricular, and personal services available at the University. Orientation begins in June with the Mustang Days program. Incoming students and their families visit the campus for a full day of activities, including meetings with department chairs and faculty advisors, at which time they receive their fall class schedule. Members of the faculty, administration, and current students are present to welcome new students, to introduce them to all aspects of campus life, and to review academic regulations and general policies.

Following Mustang Days, several day trips, known as Orientation Adventures, are sponsored at various times throughout the months of August and September. These optional day trips are designed to help new students connect with other new and returning students.

The orientation process continues with Camp Mustang which begins just prior to the start of the fall semester. This three-day event consists of workshops and social activities presented by faculty, staff, and upper-class students to help new students make the most of University life. Camp Mustang begin on the Thursday before the first day of classes with Convocation, an academic event that marks the arrival of the new academic year and formally welcomes the new students into the Stevenson University community.

During Mustang Days, transfer students meet with an advisor to assess their transfer credits, discuss their overall academic plan, and register for next semester classes. At these sessions, transfer students will also initialize their Stevenson technology accounts and learn about important services.