University Curriculum

For each undergraduate degree, the University is committed to providing a solid base in the liberal arts. Therefore, all students are required to take courses that will help them develop an understanding of their cultural heritage; an appreciation of the arts and the humanities; the ability to communicate with ease orally and in writing; an understanding of society and how it functions; a knowledge of scientific methods and an interpretation of the natural world; and the ability to reflect, reason, and handle quantitative knowledge.

Through the courses in the major fields, students gain knowledge and understanding in a subject and experience in applying the content and methods of inquiry in the discipline.

In each curriculum, students are also required to study subjects closely related to the major and to take courses that include knowledge and experience in technology. The goal is to blend the liberal arts and a major field, thus providing an education that prepares our graduates for employment and for graduate study, a preparation for productive involvement in today’s world, and a desire for continuing education for the future.

Our advisors can work with students to meet the prerequisite requirements for admission to professional schools, including law school, medical school, pharmacy school, physical therapy school, or veterinary school.