English Language and Literature Program Requirements

The courses listed below are required for completion of the bachelor's degree in English language and literature. Specific pre- and co-requisites for each course are provided in the course descriptions section of this catalog.

Some secondary requirements, which are noted by an asterisk (*) in the list below, can also be used to fulfill a core curriculum requirement.

Major Requirements:

(Note: Some courses may be repeated for credit when focus or topic changes. Check the course descriptions following this section to identify these courses.)

Required Courses

ENG 230

Critical Approaches to Literature I

ENG 231

English: Forms and Functions

ENG 331

Design Your Career

ENG 332

Critical Approaches to Literature II

ENG 420

English Capstone: Internship

Five Literature Electives

Two courses at the 200-level

Two courses at the 300-level

One course at the 400-level

Four English Electives

One course at the 200-level

One course at the 300-level

One course at the 400-level

One course at the 200-level or above

Secondary Requirements:

Two semesters of a foreign language at the 200-level or above*

EDCP 100 EN1 First Year Seminar