Film, Video, & Theatre Program Description

In this program, students acquire a thorough grounding in the liberal arts and an understanding of the art and techniques of creating film, video and theatre. Through extensive, hands-on experiences, students develop and refine their technical production skills, and develop their analytical and critical skills by studying works of professional and artistic merit.

All students majoring in film, video, and theatre learn the basics of all three disciplines by taking introductory core courses in video production, photography, film, and theatre. In addition, they take Script Writing for Stage and Screen, Directing for Stage and Screen, and an internship that enables them to work with professionals in the field.

Beyond this core of courses, students elect one of the following four tracks: film, video, theatre, or motion graphics. Students take a series of courses specific to that track, culminating in a senior project that provides a capstone experience integrating their aesthetic vision with their technical training.

To help shape this aesthetic vision, all majors will take a series of four electives in the liberal arts. These four liberal arts courses can also be part of an approved university minor. Throughout their course of study, students work cooperatively and creatively in the production of multiple projects that reflect both artistic integrity and technical proficiency, the dual goals of the program.