374.102 Leadership and Management II

2 credits, Offered at JHU

Introduces and applies the five tracks of instruction in leadership, personal development, values and ethics, officership, and tactics. This course is complimentary to 374-101, Leadership and Management I, although either course can be taken independently. This course is recommended for those who want to improve their leadership skills and abilities, whether or not they are currently in leadership positions. This course is intended to provide the student with basic leadership and management tools and abilities that can be applied in any personal or professional endeavor. This course is taught through a series of lectures, small group discussions and practical exercises. Students are required to present information in a verbal briefing, and to apply their leadership and management skills in small group practical exercises. In addition to learning the foundations of leadership students will learn about the corporate and non-corporate aspects and operations of the US Army Organization, time management, ethics and values and mission statements and goals.

Co-requisite(s): 374.120 for ROTC students; none for non-ROTC students.