Interactive Design Track

The Interactive Design track within the Visual Communication Design major provides students with a solid foundation and in-depth experience in the theory and practice of producing design solutions for a variety of interactive media platforms including Web, social media, mobile devices, tablets, and emerging interaction technologies. Special emphasis is placed on effective information architecture, user interface, and user experience design, as well as the aesthetic role of quality universal design that impacts visual perception and choice in interactive digital environments.

The Interactive Design track prepares future professionals by exposing them to contemporary and historic visual contexts, real-world projects, and industry-standard software and technologies. Graduates may pursue careers in a range of areas including web design and development, mobile and responsive design, social media strategy, multimedia and streaming media production, electronic publishing, digital prototyping and imaging, online advertising, interactive motion graphics, mobile applications and game design, and other interaction design related fields.

Interactive Design Track Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the interactive design track, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply contemporary and historical design, visual culture, and communication research to interactive communication design practice.
  2. Employ web and interaction design terminology when presenting, critiquing, or discussing interactive design ideas and solutions.
  3. Apply graphic design and typography principles to digital interactive works.
  4. Analyze and organize information to construct usable interactive site architecture and communicate effectively.
  5. Create engaging user experiences considering audience, cultural, ethical, human, and market factors.
  6. Produce and critique creative interactive design solutions in accordance with professional standards and practices.
  7. Design for a variety of interactive media platforms.
  8. Demonstrate professional preparedness for an Interactive Design career by producing an online interactive portfolio.